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Advocate for change

Loving our neighbor may mean practicing simple acts of kindness. It also may mean helping them to shed light on an unjust situation or to take nonviolent steps to transform injustice to justice. As Anabaptists we believe that Christ walked in love and peace on this earth and that the mission of the church is to demonstrate this love.
As part of our Christian life, advocacy takes many forms, including praying for government officials, writing letters to policymakers, meeting with legislators, raising awareness of issues through our churches and friends or through the media and participating in public events.
MCC's advocacy offices are motivated by the biblical commands to love God and neighbor (Matthew 22:34-40) and show the way of Christ in all aspects of life (Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8). MCC also provides resources to groups and individuals seeking to live out their faith and witness to Christ’s way of peace in their homes, churches and communities.

Advocacy offices

Find the latest campaigns, how you can get involved and tips on how to talk to government:
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Faith reflections

Each week, staff from MCC's three advocacy offices offer reflections on biblical texts from the Revised Common Lectionary readings. Find these online through MCC's Washington or Ottawa offices.


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