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Summer Service

Summer Service is a short term program that supports young people of color in their development of leadership skills through working with their local churches or communities.

Program Criteria:

The MCC Summer Service program:

  1. partners with constituent congregations and related organizations
  2. works with young adults of diverse ethnic backgrounds (non-pastors)
  3. engages youth who are ages 18-30, preferably enrolled in higher education
  4. invites young adults to participate in the program for up to two years
  5. seeks creative proposals that encourage strengthened leadership capabilities in young adults 
  6. A program of Global Service Learning, with implementation continuing at the regional level


In January/February of each year, constituent churches and related organizations submit proposals to MCC regarding the kind of leadership engagement they foresee a young adult from their home church/community completing in their church/community during a period of six to ten weeks between the summer months June-August. The program includes a short leadership orientation to equip young adults for their summer term of service.

Program Compensation 

MCC provides grant funding to partner agencies in order to directly compensate the Summer Service worker for their church and community service work.  MCC provides 75% ($270.00/week) of the Summer Service Worker grant and invites partner agencies to provide 25% ($90.00/week) toward this grant.

The Summer Service program is active in 4 regions across the United States.

For additional information, kindly contact your regional office and program administrator:

MCC East Coast
MCC Central States

MCC Great Lakes

West Coast MCC