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Syrian crisis: Dramatic impact of refugees on Jordan

Syrian crisis: Dramatic impact of refugees on Jordan


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MCC’s J. Daryl Byler and other representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) responding to the Syrian crisis spoke with national and international media at an InterAction news briefing on March 13. InterAction, an alliance of U.S.-based NGOs of which MCC U.S. is a member, held the briefing to draw attention to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the region as the conflict goes into its third year. Byler and his spouse, Cindy Byler, are MCC representatives for Iran, Iraq and Jordan, and have lived in Amman, Jordan, since 2007.

“Jordan is a small country of 6.5 million. It has limited resources, a severe shortage of water and high unemployment,” Byler said. Yet, the U.N. estimates that the number of Syrians in Jordan could swell from the current level of 450,000 to 660,000 by the end of the year. “To put this in perspective,” he said, “the equivalent for the U.S. would be to receive 32 million Mexicans in two years.” Listen to this audio report to hear more.

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