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In Indonesia, MCC supported a variety of rebuilding and recovery efforts after an enormous tsunami struck on Dec. 26, 2004. (MCC photo by Dan Marschka)

In Indonesia, MCC supported a variety of rebuilding and recovery efforts after an enormous tsunami struck on Dec. 26, 2004. (MCC photo by Dan Marschka)

Lenten prayers from around the world - Indonesia


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Running Time: 2:02

In this Lenten season, hear a prayer from Indonesian poet, musician and theologian Daniel Listijabudi.

Listijabudi, who teaches theology at Duta Wacana Christian University, is currently working on a PhD in the Netherlands while serving as theology chair for Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia (Indonesian Muria Mennonite Church). He spoke with us from his home in Yogyakarta, Java, where he had returned to have time with his wife, Chandra, and their four young children.

His background mirrors the efforts of MCC in Indonesia and its focus on education, developing future church and community leaders and peace-building. While growing up, Listijabudi attended schools with support from MCC’s Global Family education sponsorship program. He participated in an MCC Youth Discovery Team that traveled in Indonesia, India and the United States in 1995. His Mennonite synod selected him to study for a master's degree in theology in Indonesia, supported in part by an MCC scholarship given as part of MCC’s Mennonite church partnership in Indonesia.

See below for the English translation and Indonesian text of his prayer.

Learn more about MCC’s work in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia.

Oh God of Love,
in these days leading up to Easter,

We remember in prayer
the souls of those who grow weary in sharing the fruits of love, peace, truth, justice and the integrity of creation in our country Indonesia –

a diverse country with many religions, but often wounded by conflict among religious groups
a country with a wide gap stretching between poverty and wealth
a country that year after year is hit with natural disasters
a country where truth and justice still often come and go.

Bring us to repentance, grace us with humility and with a quiet inner joy,
witnessed through the life of Christ, who sowed peace.

Strengthen us and make us resolute, Oh God
with your peace...with the work of your love...with your reality
that was modeled and witnessed in the life of Christ.

Build us up with fearless faith to embrace the future
even if the future is difficult and the road may be painful,
with the same love as Christ as He followed the path of His suffering.

So that as we live in the present, step following step,
we fully believe, that
after the burden of struggle, there will be relief.

After Good Friday, there is Easter.
After the cross, there is the resurrection.
After death, there is life.

In the name of Christ Jesus, our God and the Source of our Hope
now and through all time.



Ya Tuhan Maha Kasih,
Dalam hari-hari masa raya Paskah ini,
Kami mengingat dalam doa
untuk jiwa-jiwa yang lelah dalam menapaki proses panjang bagi berbuahnya kesejatian cinta kasih, perdamaian, kebenaran, keadilan dan keutuhan ciptaan di negri kami Indonesia...
sebuah negeri Negeri yang beragam dengan berbagai agama, namun yng sering dicederai oleh konflik antar orang beragama
sebuah negeri yang kemiskinan dan kekayaan dari para penduduknya terentang jauh
sebuah negeri yang dalam tahun tahun ini sering tertimpa bencana alam..
sebuah negeri di mana kebenaran dan perdamaian masih sering datang dan pergi..

Hantarlah kami dalam pertobatan, anugerahi kami dengan kerendahan hati dan dengan sukacita batin yang tenang,
Yang tersaksikan melalui hidup Kristus yang menaburkan damai

Kuatkanlah dan teguhkanlah kami ya Tuham
Dengan damaiMu...dengan karya CintaMu...dengan realitasMu
Yang terteladankan dan tersaksikan dalam hidup Kristus

Teguhkanlah kami dengan iman yang berani berjuang menyongsong masa depan
Walau masa depan sulit dan jalannya membuat kami terluka,
Dengan cinta yang besar sebagaimana dimiliki Kristus dalam jalan deritaNya

Agar kami senantiasa menghidupi masa kini, tapak demi tapak sepenuh-penuhnya
Karena meyakini, bahwa
setelah perjuangn berat ada hasil yang menghiburkan
setelah Jumat Agung ada Paskah
setelah salib, ada kebangkitan
setelah kematian ada kehidupan

Dalam nama Kristus Yesus, Tuhan dan Sumber Pengharapan kami
Kini dan sepanjang segala masa.