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Putting Haitian voices first

January 22, 2010


In a Jan. 19 Christianity Today blog, MCC's international programs director stresses the need to incorporate the voices of Haitians and Haitian church leaders in disaster response.
Ron Flaming, MCC director of international programs, “emphasizes that rebuilding is about coming alongside the Haitians – not taking over for them,” writes Kimberly Felton in a Jan. 19 entry in a Christianity Today blog. She goes on to quote Flaming:
“‘We’re trying really hard to start at the other side and say, ‘We’re confident the [Haitian] church has resources in leadership, passion, vision. How can we put the church leadership in front, even in the assessment of needs?’
"‘It’s not just a matter of sending in more resources; Haiti’s getting a lot of that. What’s really needed is…asking church leaders: 'How do they see themselves responding to this? How can we help them?' Rather than, 'Here’s what we can do and can you help us.'"
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