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Middle East crisis

Welcoming the stranger

Jameel Dababneh, Caritas Jordan’s emergency response coordinator, welcomes a young Syrian refugee. MCC partners with Caritas Jordan, one of the organizations that welcomes refugees, offers material resources and links them to services. (MCC Photo/J. Daryl Byler)

Read "Welcoming the stranger," J. Daryl Byler's perspective on how Caritas Jordan, an MCC partner, is heeding the words of Moses in welcoming Syrian refugees 



MCC material resources reach Syrian refugees

MCC Staff

AKRON, Pa. – As the violent conflict in Syria escalates, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) intensifies its efforts to help those affected. Four material resources shipments from Canada and the U.S. have reached the area for Syrian refugees and the communities hosting them.

To date, MCC has shipped 3,447 relief kits, 14,220 hygiene kits, 13,666 blankets, 17,160 school kits and 288 infant care kits to Jordan and Lebanon.

The number of Syrians entering Jordan each day has increased to as many as 2,000, according to MCC partner organization Caritas Jordan. Daryl Byler, an MCC representative in the region with his spouse Cindy, said the opening of the first refugee camps for Syrians is significant. “Previously, Syrians either stayed with Jordanian families or rented flats.” The Bylers are from Washington, D.C.

MCC’s response also includes distribution of food, medicine and fuel in the Syrian cities of Homs and Damascus, and increased support for disaster preparedness and conflict prevention activities in Lebanon, where there is tension and potential for the violence to spread. 

“The needs are urgent and the needs are growing,” said Bruce Guenther, MCC director of disaster response. “MCC is well positioned to respond but we cannot do this without the support of our congregations and the public. We are grateful for every gift.”

MCC encourages donations of money) and relief kits (information available from your nearest MCC office or

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