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East Africa drought response

Halima is among new arrivals in the Bur-Amino refugee camp near the town of Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. Halima and her family fled drought and violence in Mogadishu, Somalia. (MCC photo by Dan Leonard)

Somalis continue to flee food crisis, drought, conflict

Updated Jan. 20 , 2012

The population in the Dollo Ado refugee camps in southeast Ethiopia continues to grow as unprecedented numbers of Somalis flee the food crisis, drought and conflict in their own country. The moment refugees arrive in the camps, they look for water to drink. In partnership with the Lutheran World Federation in Ethiopia, MCC has launched a $1.1 million project to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene in two of the five camps in the Dollo Ado region.

About 80 per cent of the newly arrived Somali refugees in the camps are under the age of 18 and have not had the opportunity to get an education. This new MCC-supported project in the Dollo Ado camps includes income generation activities to assist Somali refugees, as well as Ethiopians living in surrounding communities.

To date, MCC has committed $5.5 million to support people affected by the drought and food crisis in East Africa. MCC is supporting people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya through emergency food assistance, services to displaced families and host communities as well as long term food security projects.