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Migration Exhibit

People on the Move Exhibit

People on the Move - The Human Face of Migration

Beginning in July 2013, a new MCC exhibit on migration will be available for churches, schools, conferences, relief sales and other events.  Consisting of 12 easy-to-roll-out panels, the exhibit tells the stories of several migrants as they traveled from one place to another.  The content and images are meant to bring out the human stories of migration, raise awareness about why people leave their homes, and encourage further learning and advocacy. 

The free-standing banners can be set up in a variety of configurations, depending on the space available. Each panel is 31.5" (80 cm) wide and 78"(198 cm) tall.

Groups may reserve the display by emailing or contacting MCC U.S. at (717) 859-1151. Groups pay shipping and handling plus a $50 rental fee.

The exhibit is available in either English/Spanish or English/French versions.

Groups can encourage participants to advocate for more humane immigration policies by using a petition or other materials at the MCC Washington Office web site.  Following the exhibit, churches can do a Sunday School series on immigration, using the MCC U.S. resource, Loving Strangers as Ourselves (español). 

exhibit panels


Groups may reserve the display by emailing or contacting MCC U.S. at (717) 859-1151. 
Groups pay shipping and handling plus a $50 rental fee.


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