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The Dwight Moody Wiebe Endowment Fund provides a scholarship available to former Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) volunteers who are enrolled in graduate programs. The scholarship was established by Margot Wiebe of Dallas, Texas, in memory of her husband, Dwight Moody Wiebe, who died in January 2000. Dwight Wiebe served with MCC during the 1950s, including four years as Europe director of MCC's Pax program for alternative military service.

A minimum of $250 U.S. is available to candidates who fulfill each of the following requirements: 1) applicant has completed an assignment with MCC of at least two years; 2) applicant is actively enrolled in an accredited graduate school; 3) applicant completed his/her term with MCC no more than three years before enrolling in graduate school.

Application for Dwight Moody Wiebe Endowment Fund Scholarship
  1. Name
  2. Current address (include telephone number and e-mail)
  3. Service history with MCC (include dates and location(s))
  4. Graduate School enrollment information (include name of school, field of study and date of enrollment)
Return completed application by September 30, 2014 for the 2014-2015 academic year to:
Becky Ream, MCC US - Human Resources, PO Box 500, Akron, PA 17501-0500. e-mail: