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Prayers for peace in our world

Peace with our own two hands
The foreseeable future
Prayer Against violence, A Prayer for Peace
Prayer from Isaiah 58:6-7
Untitled (Prayer during war)

Peace with our own two hands

By Carol Penner leadinginworship

God of Wisdom,
As we remember the atomic blast, the gas chamber, the killing fields,
as we remember the war machine and the military establishment, as we remember Hitler and Pol Pot, Jim Crow and the Indian Act,
call us to account for our own whispered innuendo,
our own snubs, our own finger pointing,
our own eyes averted from injustice, our own cutting words,
our own shove, our own furtive slap.
Do not allow the grandstand atrocities to blind us to our own cruelties.
From the darkness of our bedrooms to skyscraper boardrooms,
from schools and churches to houses of parliament,
give us ears to hear your call to peace in our time,
peace with our own two hands.

The foreseeable future

By Carol Penner leadinginworship

A hymn of praise for fists uncurled!
Alleluias on our lips for ammunition abandoned!
Guns dropped, forgotten,
bombs defused, harmless!
Fervent thanks for tanks rusting,
for jet fighters permanently grounded!
This future, peace-bright,
hovers on the horizon of your kingdom.
It will dawn the day we remember
there are no soldiers—
     only your children, beloved and loving,
there are no borders—
     only one world, creative and creating,
there has been no collateral damage--
     only broken hearts, broken homes, broken dreams.
It will come the day we remember to pray,
“Your kingdom come, your will be done.”
The Spirit and the church say, “Come!”  

Prayer Against Violence, a Prayer for Peace

By Carol Penner leadinginworship

Perfect love casts our fear
and so today we pray for your spirit of love on our world.
Cast out the strapping of bombs to bodies.
Cast out the explosion of bombs in crowded places.
Cast out the tricking of children to carry bombs.
Cast out the desperation that leads people to terrorist acts.
Cast out the making of walls that divide and imprison us.
Cast out the firing of missiles and the bulldozing of homes.
Cast out the prejudice against people of a certain race or culture.
Cast out the political structures that perpetuate violence.
Cast out the hatred that produces fear.
Send down the courage to reach out in peace.
Send down the resolution to not return evil for evil.
Send down the creativity to find peaceful political solutions
Send down the wisdom that politicians and diplomats need.
Send down the commitment to work together to end terrorism.
Send down the power of nonviolence to create change.
Send down the comfort and justice that victims need.
Send down the love that will end our fear.
We ask these things in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace,

Prayer from Isaiah 58:6-7

Carol Penner leadinginworship

Open our eyes, Lord, to the modern yoke;
the burden of our consumer culture,
the debt that holds people fast,
the myth of success which has us by the throat.
You offer the possibility of release;
unloosing the shackles of greed,
freeing us from the urge to acquire at any cost,
relieving us from the treadmill of busyness.

We are your new releases,
telling a story for this generation.
Feeding the hungry we whisper peace,
clothing the naked we murmur hope,
sheltering the homeless we declare your faithfulness.

Untitled (Prayer during war)

By Larry Egly, reprinted from Mennonite Church USA weekly prayers for peace. 

Our country's service persons are needlessly dying in two foreign wars.
     God of Peace, hear our prayer.
Most of us help finance the deaths of civilians in those wars.
     Prince of Peace, hear our prayer.
The military recruit our young people in our schools' hallways.
     Spirit of Peace, hear our prayer.
Our young persons return broken in body and mind from the wars.
    God of Peace, hear our prayer.
Billions of dollars of our resources pay for death and destruction.
    Prince of Peace, hear our prayer.
At home, millions lack health care or homes.
    Spirit of Peace, hear our prayer

Thank you for the soldiers, sailors and marines who refuse to fight.
    We thank you, God of Peace, for the voices of peace crying in the wilderness.
Thank you for those who counsel service members on the path to peace.
    We thank you, God of Peace, for the voices of peace crying in the wilderness.
Thank you for the lawyers who defend our service persons from the war machine.
    We thank you, God of Peace, for the voices of peace crying in the wilderness.
Thank you for the coffee houses that support soldiers seeking to stand up for peace.
    We thank you, God of Peace, for the voices of peace crying in the wilderness.
Thank you for the civilians publicly standing for peace and against war.
    We thank you, God of Peace, for the voices of peace crying in the wilderness.
God of Peace, we pray that your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven.