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David and Goliath: faith-based approaches to gun violence prevention

Drick Boyd, Associate Professor of Urban & Interdisciplinary Studies. Eastern University

Part I - Introduction & Social and Family Causes of Gun Violence

An introduction to the entire study outlining the major issues, and then a review of statistical studies outlining the social and family-related issues most often associated with gun violence.

Part II - The Gun Industry: Manufacturers, Dealers and the Media

The firearms industry operates largely in the shadows. What is the role of the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and the media in promoting this $5 billion per year industry?

Part III - The Politics of Guns

A brief overview of the major legislation pertaining the sale, use and distribution of guns, and the ways in which the National Rifle Association has been able to set the political agenda over the last decade.

Part IV - The Culture of Guns

A comparison of the culture of the gun rights community and urban street culture, and the surprising ways these two apparently distinct cultural groups mirror one another.

Part V - The Church's Role in Preventing Gun Violence

Even though people of faith have been the most ardent promoters of gun rights, the Christian community is uniquely positioned in North American society to advocate for gun violence prevention. This section provides an overview of why this is so.

Part VI - Four Models of a Faith-Based Response to Gun Violence

A brief description of four faith-based efforts to respond to urban gun violence: Heeding God's Call, The Save Your Life Campaign, St. Rita's of Cascia Center for Peacemaking, and St. Sabina's Silent Vigil.

Part VII - What Individuals and Churches Can Do to Prevent Gun Violence

Suggestions for Research and Action for individuals and faith groups wanting to address the issue of gun violence in their community.

Part VIII - Bibliography

A listing of all the sources used in this study