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Call to confession

This confession is especially appropriate for a Good Friday gun violence vigil

To be read responsively; responses of the people printed in bold. 


Judas, slave of greed and jealously, where are you?
     I am here.
Peter, slave of fear, where are you?
     I am here.
Thomas, slave of doubt, where are you?
     I am here.
Men and women of Jerusalem, enslaved by mob rule, where are you?
     We are here.
Pilate, slave of power and money, where are you?
     I am here.
These characters in the story of Christ's suffering and death mirror our own weakness and sin.
We confess that we stand here as women and men who have missed the mark and who are alienated from God and our neighbor.
We take part in this vigil today in a spirit of confession and with a call to new life.
And we urge ______________ (gun shop) to join in this spirit.